FAES Courses and Workshops are currently online. Courses are taught asynchronously with the exception of language courses and certain genetics courses. Most workshops are synchronous. The list below reflects current FAES offerings.

Registration for Summer 2022 Term is open. Workshop registration is ongoing, please view the workshops calendar

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IMMU 420 Advanced Immunology and Host Microbe Interactions IMMU 420 Available
IMMU 403 Basic Principles of Immunology and Hypersensitivity IMMU 403 Available
BIOF 521 Bioinformatics for Analysis of Data Generated by Next Generation Sequencing BIOF 521 Available
IMMU 418 Cancer Immunology IMMU 418 Available
BIOF 450 Computational Genomics and Evolution BIOF 450 Available
STAT 323 Epidemiology: A Practical Approach to Research Methods STAT 323 Available
BIOL 102 Foundations in Biomedical Science II BIOL 102 Available
ENGL 205 Intermediate English Conversation I, Part A ENGL 205 Available
ENGL 206 Intermediate English Conversation I, Part B ENGL 206 Available
BIOF 475 Introduction to Data Science BIOF 475 Available
MATH 215 Introduction to Linear Algebra With Applications in Statistics, Part 1 MATH 215 Available
MATH 216 Introduction to Linear Algebra With Applications in Statistics, Part 2 MATH 216 Available
BIOF 309 Introduction to Python BIOF 309 Available
BIOF 501 Introduction to R: Step-by-Step Guide BIOF 501 Available
STAT 101 Introduction to Statistics STAT 101 Available
TECH 513 Introduction to Technology Transfer — Issues and Processes TECH 513 Available
TECH 498 Leadership Strategies in Biomedical Sciences TECH 498 Available
TECH 491 Market Assessment for Innovative Technologies in Biomedical Sciences TECH 491 Available
GENL 320 MCAT Review and Test Preparation: Biological and Social Sciences GENL 320 Available
GENL 319 MCAT Review and Test Preparation: Chemistry and Physics GENL 319 Available
BIOL 425 RNA Interference and CRISPR BIOL 425 Available
SPAN 208 Spanish for Healthcare Providers I SPAN 208 Available
STAT 515 Statistics for Biomedical Researchers STAT 515 Available
BIOF 519 Theoretical and Applied Bioinformatics II: Genomics and Metagenomics BIOF 519 Available
BIOF 518 Theoretical and Applied Bioinformatics: Genes and Proteins BIOF 518 Available
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