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"I love teaching machine learning because it is such a relevant topic for biomedical researchers. My students have found very creative ways to apply what they learned in class to their own research. It is also important to study mathematics and physics alongside computer science/programming if they want to develop new methodologies in machine learning."

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What is a micro-credential?

A micro-credential demonstrates a commitment to ongoing learning. Micro-credentials supplement traditional academic credentials by recognizing achievement and skill in new topics that professionals may earn at any point in their careers. At FAES, most micro-credentials could be earned through successfully completing a specific series of courses and/or workshops.

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About the FAES Bookstore @ NIH

The FAES Bookstore @ NIH has been providing medical and science textbook services to NIH for over 60 years. Our physical location, just steps away from Masur Auditorium and the FAES classrooms, is ideally located to support the specialized book needs of FAES Academic Programs and the NIH scientific community.

FAES Gifts Shops now offer two additional locations in the Clinical Center, and has afforded us the opportunity to expand our products and services significantly. We have brought in a diverse assortment of products, including clothing, gifts, greeting cards, and supplies to further fulfill our organization’s mission of providing valuable services to NIH.

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