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Bioinformatics and Data Science
Sort A-Z Availability
BIOF 509 Applied Machine Learning BIOF 509 Available
BIOF 521 Bioinformatics for Analysis of Data Generated by Next Generation Sequencing BIOF 521 Available
STAT011 Conducting a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis in Biomedical Research STAT011 Available
BIOF 399 Deep Learning for Healthcare Image Analysis BIOF 399 Not Currently Available
BIOF 019 Designing Effective Data Visualizations in R BIOF 019 Available
BIOF 450 Evolutionary Genomics BIOF 450 Available
BIOF 043 For True BeginRs Hands-on R Training BIOF 043 Available
BIOF018 Intermediate R Boot Camp BIOF018 Available
BIOF 082 Introduction to Bioinformatics: Theory and Application BIOF 082 Available
BIOF 085 Introduction to Data Science Using Python BIOF 085 Available
BIOF 050 Introduction to Deep Learning BIOF 050 Available
MATH 216 Introduction to Linear Algebra With Applications in Statistics, Part 2 MATH 216 Available
BIOF 309 Introduction to Python BIOF 309 Available
BIOF 501 Introduction to R: Step-by-Step Guide BIOF 501 Available
BIOF 098 Introduction to Statistical Analysis in R BIOF 098 Available
STAT 101 Introduction to Statistics STAT 101 Available
BIOF 395 Introduction to Text Mining BIOF 395 Available
BIOF 101 Introductory Coding Skills BIOF 101 Available
BIOF 093 Machine Learning with MATLAB BIOF 093 Available
BIOF 090 MATLAB Fundamentals BIOF 090 Available
BIOF 089 Microbiome Bioinformatics with QIIME2 BIOF 089 Available
BIOF 084 Pharmacometric Dose-Response Analyses in Clinical Trials Using R BIOF 084 Available
BIOF 398 Practical Deep Learning BIOF 398 Available
BIOF 339 Practical R BIOF 339 Available
BIOF 097 Practical Scientific Statistics BIOF 097 Available
BIOF 021 R for Analysis of Text Data BIOF 021 Available
STAT 515 Statistics for Biomedical Researchers STAT 515 Available
STAT 510 Statistics for Healthcare Providers STAT 510 Available
BIOF 519 Theoretical and Applied Bioinformatics II BIOF 519 Available
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