FAES Courses and Workshops are currently online. Courses are taught asynchronously with the exception of language courses and certain genetics courses. Most workshops are synchronous. The list below reflects current FAES offerings.

Registration for May 2022 Intersession and Summer 2022 Term is open. Workshop registration is ongoing, view the calendar

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Sort A-Z Availability
BIOF 099 Advanced Statistical Analysis using R BIOF 099 Available
BIOF 052 Artificial Intelligence in Your Lab BIOF 052 Available
IMMU 004 Cellular Immunology IMMU 004 Available
BIOF 019 Designing Effective Data Visualizations in R BIOF 019 Available
ENDO 2022 FAES@NIH - Virtual Endocrinology Update Review Course October 17-October 21, 2022 ENDO 2022 Available
BIOF 043 For True BeginRs Hands-on R Training BIOF 043 Available
BIOC 062 Image Processing and Analysis BIOC 062 Available
BIOF018 Intermediate R Boot Camp BIOF018 Available
BIOF 085 Introduction to Data Science Using Python BIOF 085 Available
BIOF 098 Introduction to Statistical Analysis in R BIOF 098 Available
BIOF017 Introductory R Boot Camp BIOF017 Available
BIOF 090 MATLAB Fundamentals BIOF 090 Available
BIOF 045 Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis BIOF 045 Available
BIOF 084 Pharmacometric Dose-Response Analyses in Clinical Trials Using R BIOF 084 Available
BIOF 097 Practical Scientific Statistics BIOF 097 Available
TECH 071 Project Management Essentials TECH 071 Available
PPOL 072 Public Policy Series: Public Policy Analysis for Scientists, Engineers, and Health Professionals: A Systematic Process for Analyzing and Developing Policy Options to Respond to Societal Challenges PPOL 072 Available
PPOL 073 Public Policy Series: Public Policy Analytical Methods for Scientists, Engineers, and Health Professionals: Understanding and Evaluating Benefit-Cost, Cost-Effectiveness, and Risk Analysis PPOL 073 Available
PPOL 074 Public Policy Series: Program Evaluation for Scientists, Engineers, and Health Professionals PPOL 074 Available
005 R Boot Camp Series: Three Workshops Bundle 005 Available
BIOF 074 RNA-seq Data Analysis and Visualization BIOF 074 Available
BIOF 048 Single Cell RNA-seq Analysis with R Package BIOF 048 Available
BIOF 076 Visualization with R BIOF 076 Available
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