Course Description

This course is designed to help health providers to improve verbal communication skills with Spanish-speaking patients. It will help health professionals to build competence in interviewing, examining, and treating patients. It includes conversation and role-play situations in the context of different common medical situations. Students will learn the names of body parts, action verbs, and useful phrases typically used in a medical setting. Spanish concepts and correct pronunciation will be also covered.

Learner Outcomes

  • Learn to greet and get accurate detailed personal information from patients
  • Discuss parts and relationships of body organs, muscles, etc.
  • Understand and use vocabulary describing pain and discomfort
  • Communicate about basic ailments and illness
  • Pronounce Spanish medical vocabulary and develop Spanish phrases that can be used in own role/workplace

Textbook Information

Textbook Required:

McGraw-Hill Education Complete Medical Spanish, Practical Medical Spanish for Quick and Confident Communication (4th Edition)
by Joanna Rios
ISBN: 9781260467895 |  $25.00

Note: Please remove the textbook at checkout using the appropriate discounts if you do not wish to purchase it.


The above course(s), basic knowledge of Spanish, or permission from the instructor. 

If you are unsure that you meet the prerequisite requirements, please contact registrar@faes.org and provide information about your course of interest and background knowledge

Additional Information

  • Weekly live sessions on Zoom, Thursdays, 12:30-2:00 pm
  • This course will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis

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Spanish for Healthcare Providers
Online Asynchronous & Weekly Live Class
Oct 26, 2022 to Dec 13, 2022
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2 Credit(s)
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