Registration for Fall 2021 Term Session B courses (starting 10/25/21) is open. Registration for workshops is ongoing throughout the year. 

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Sort A-Z Availability
ENGL 209 Advanced Conversation: Using TED Talks to Discuss Innovative Ideas ENGL 209 Available
STAT 430 Advanced SAS STAT 430 Not Currently Available
BIOF 509 Applied Machine Learning BIOF 509 Available
IMMU 403 Basic Principles of Immunology and Hypersensitivity IMMU 403 Available
BIOC 301 Biochemistry I, Part 1 BIOC 301 Not Currently Available
BIOC 302 Biochemistry I, Part 2 BIOC 302 Available
BIOF 521 Bioinformatics for Analysis of Data Generated by Next Generation Sequencing BIOF 521 Available
TECH 565 Biomedical Business Development for Scientists TECH 565 Not Currently Available
IMMU 418 Cancer Immunology IMMU 418 Available
MEDI 418 Cancer Immunology MEDI 418 Available
TECH 607 Capstone Course in Technology Transfer TECH 607 Available
IMMU 103 COVID-19 Vaccines: A Comparative Approach IMMU 103 Not Currently Available
BIOF 440 Data Visualization with Python BIOF 440 Not Currently Available
BIOF 439 Data Visualization with R BIOF 439 Not Currently Available
BIOF 399 Deep Learning for Healthcare Image Analysis BIOF 399 Not Currently Available
GENE 505 Embryology, Developmental Biology, and Human Malformations GENE 505 Not Currently Available
IMMU 102 Emerging Coronaviruses IMMU 102 Not Currently Available
MICR 418 Emerging Infectious Diseases MICR 418 Available
GENL 510 Empathetic Communication in Clinical Care GENL 510 Available
IMMU 369 Epidemics, Vaccines, and Prevention IMMU 369 Not Currently Available
BIOF 450 Evolutionary Genomics BIOF 450 Available
PHAR 328 FDA Perspective on Drug Development PHAR 328 Available
BIOL 101 Foundations in Biomedical Science I BIOL 101 Not Currently Available
BIOL 102 Foundations in Biomedical Science II BIOL 102 Available
MEDI 275 Fundamental Principles of Histology MEDI 275 Available
MEDI 450 Fundamental Principles of Pathology MEDI 450 Available
BIOF 540 Gene Expression Analysis BIOF 540 Not Currently Available
GENE 540 Gene Expression Analysis GENE 540 Not Currently Available
GENE 510 Genetic Counseling: Professional Topics Seminar GENE 510 Not Currently Available
MEDI 525 Genetic Polymorphisms Affecting Human Cognition MEDI 525 Not Currently Available
PSYC 525 Genetic Polymorphisms Affecting Human Cognition PSYC 525 Not Currently Available
GENL 322 GRE Review GENL 322 Available
BIOL 410 Human Memory Systems BIOL 410 Available
BIOL 325 Human Neuroscience BIOL 325 Available
MEDI 317 Human Physiology I MEDI 317 Available
TECH 582 Intellectual Property and Patent Prosecution for Scientists TECH 582 Not Currently Available
ENGL 205 Intermediate English Conversation I, Part A ENGL 205 Not Currently Available
ENGL 206 Intermediate English Conversation I, Part B ENGL 206 Available
IMMU 101 Introduction to Cancer Biology IMMU 101 Available
BIOF 475 Introduction to Data Science BIOF 475 Not Currently Available
BIOL 550 Introduction to Extracellular Vesicles BIOL 550 Available
MATH 215 Introduction to Linear Algebra With Applications in Statistics, Part 1 MATH 215 Not Currently Available
MATH 216 Introduction to Linear Algebra With Applications in Statistics, Part 2 MATH 216 Available
GENE 500 Introduction to Medical Genetics GENE 500 Not Currently Available
PPOL 102 Introduction to National Security in Health PPOL 102 Available
PPOL 101 Introduction to National Security in Science and Medicine PPOL 101 Available
PSYC 201 Introduction to Psychological Principles PSYC 201 Available
BIOF 309 Introduction to Python BIOF 309 Available
BIOF 501 Introduction to R: Step-by-Step Guide BIOF 501 Available
BIOL 103 Introduction to Research BIOL 103 Not Currently Available
STAT 101 Introduction to Statistics STAT 101 Available