Leadership Endeavor Badge (6 credits)


The Leadership Endeavor badge is especially for scientists who aspire to leadership roles, or who find themselves in a new leadership role. Courses are interactive, engaging, and highly relevant to students’ needs. Collectively, the courses focus on key aspects of effective leadership, including the role of the self and personality in relationship to others, emotional intelligence, verbal and non-verbal communication, team management, conflict resolution, and decision-making in changing times.


Upon completion of the following badge requirements, students will be issued the Leadership Endeavor Badge for use on their resume, online portfolio, website, and social media pages.

  • 6 credits of leadership (LEAD) courses (100-500 level).
  • For all qualifying courses, students must earn a letter grade of B or above or a “pass” if the course is pass/fail. Audited courses do not qualify toward the digital badge.
  • Courses completed since January 2021 can be applied toward the digital badge. Courses that currently qualify for the Leadership Endeavor Badge include:
    • LEAD 510 Leading with Emotional Intelligence
    • LEAD 498 Leadership Strategies in Biomedical Sciences
    • LEAD 499 Personal Leadership Development
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