Biomedical Sciences Endeavor Badge (5-6 credits)


Professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of the biomedical sciences can accomplish their learning goals as they pursue the Biomedical Sciences Endeavor Badge. If you are a non-scientist who works closely with research scientists, this microcredential will provide you with a path to fill knowledge gaps and increase your awareness of topics in biomedical science. 


Upon completion of the following badge requirements, students will be issued the Biomedical Sciences Endeavor digital badge for use on their resume, online portfolio, website, and social media pages.

  • 5-6 credits from 100-500 level FAES courses in different areas of biomedical science: biology (BIOL), biochemistry (BIOC), chemistry (CHEM), immunology (IMMU), genetics (GENE)*, medicine (MEDI), microbiology (MICR), neuroscience (NEUR), pharmacology (PHAR), and public health (PBHL).
  • 1 workshop can qualify for up to 2 credits of the digital badge.
  • For all qualifying courses, students must earn a letter grade of C or above or a “pass” if the course is pass/fail. Audited courses do not qualify toward the digital badge.
  • Courses completed since January 2021 can be applied toward the digital badge.
    *7 week courses only
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