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Thank you for your interest in teaching with FAES and contributing to our goal of providing world-class educational opportunities at the National Institutes of Health. Whether you are an experienced teacher or a prospective teacher looking for an opportunity to share your passion for your subject, we encourage you to consider teaching with FAES. Our Academic Programs team is ready to support our faculty and students to ensure a high-quality teaching and learning experience.  Please tell us about your teaching interest by completing the FAES Teaching Interest Form

FAES Academic Programs faculty development initiatives were recognized with a 2022 regional award from UPCEA, the leading professional organization for online, continuing, and professional education. 

FAES Academic Programs subsequently shared a presentation at the UPCEA national conference, highlighting our learner-centered approach to faculty development, including our best teaching practices course for current and new FAES faculty members. 

Learn more and register for this asynchronous learning opportunity, which is offered every spring and fall: Best Teaching Practices in Higher Education: Building a Learner-Centered Course – from Principles to Practice.

In addition, FAES faculty members are encouraged to enroll in FAES courses and workshops to further their professional growth and gain exposure to different teaching styles. Faculty members are eligible to take courses and workshops at a significantly reduced tuition rate. Please inquire at registrar@faes.org

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