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This course is offered by the NIH Office of Clinical Research as a non-credit option at no cost to students. To register for PHAR 500, click on the NIH Office of Clinical Research course website link below.  Only if you wish to earn academic credit for this course, should you register with FAES and pay tuition using Add to Cart.  

Register for PHAR 500 on the course website here: https://ocr.od.nih.gov/courses/pcpRegistration.html.

Additionally, only if you are interested in receiving academic credit for this course, you must register first with the NIH Office of Clinical Research, and then also register with FAES and pay the tuition fee. 

This course is offered outside of FAES standard offerings and is a self-paced course. For a complete description, please visit the course web site at the NIH Office of Clinical Research. Note that the following requirements are specific to FAES participants:

  1. FAES participants must successfully pass a separate proctored final exam for credit. FAES participants will receive clear instructions through syllabi that is sent to FAES participants only.
  2. FAES participants who successfully pass the proctored final exam and any other activities outlined in the FAES - PCP syllabi will be awarded both a certificate of completion and FAES credits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide an in-depth look at drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion
  • Describe the impact of age, pregnancy, and disease on pharmacokinetics
  • Describe the basic principles in the assessment of drug effects
  • Describe the process of drug discovery and development
  • Provide an overview of clinical pharmacotherapy, including pharmacogenomics and medication safety
  • For questions regarding course content, please email odpcp@mail.nih.gov.

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Principles of Clinical Pharmacology
Sep 01, 2022 to Jul 21, 2023
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